Nov 27, 2019 • 1HR 7M

PosCast Draft: Things We're Thankful For in 2019

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A podcast of sports talk and interviews in coordination with the Joe Blogs newsletter by Joe Posnanski.
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The PosCast is back with another episode -- and we're talking about everybody's favorite autumnal debate...warm fruit vs cold fruit. Yes, it's back! So are the shirts! So go to to buy the type of fruit you prefer, it's for a good cause!
Joe & Mike join forces to talk about how great Lamar Jackson has looked during his MVP-caliber sophomore season. The duo wonders how much more fun ti would be if he were on a team that weren't the Ravens. How much fun would it be watching him on the Bengals or Bills?
Next up, it's an unofficial Yankee Minute, in which Mike and Joe talk about how Derek Jeter deserves to be in the Hall of Fame but also touch on the fact that he was a BAD shortstop during his playing days and why they think he's overrated
For the draft, Joe and Michael go back and forth picking things they're thankful for -- selecting topics ranging from Baby Yoda to Juan Soto to......Billy Wagner? You gotta hear it to believe it.The PosCast with Joe Posnanski and Michael Schur regularly posts new episodes of meaninglessness every two or so weeks. To ensure you never miss an episode, subscribe to the show wherever you get your podcasts!

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