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Happy New Year Everybody!

End of the year PosCast


One More PED Post

Week 16: Decisions, Decisions

Happy Holidays, Everyone!

Week 15: A Case of the Mondays

Football 101: No. 57, Bronko Nagurski

Hitting the Road

Football 101: Nos. 59 and 58

Week 14: A W is a W

Podcasts Podcasts Everywhere!

The Top 10 Players Who Are Not in the Hall of Fame (Plus Pete Rose)

The Baseball 100 Christmas Rush

Holiday Housecleaning

Football 101: Nos. 64-60

Give It Up for Buck O'Neil

Minnie and Buck

Hall of Fame Candidates Nos. 9-3

Hall of Fame Candidates Nos. 13-10

Football 101: Nos. 68-65

Week 12: Many Questions, Few Answers

Turkey and Bad Football

Queens Venus and Serena

Week 11: Boo! Bad! Unsatisfying!

Hall of Fame Candidate No. 14: Roger Maris

Football 101: Nos. 75-69

Ray, Burnes and the Changing Face of the Cy Young

Hall of Fame Candidates Nos. 16 and 15: Bud Fowler and Lefty O'Doul

Week 10: Outcoached and Outplayed

No. 17: George Scales


Hall of Fame Candidate No. 18: Danny Murtaugh

Nos. 77 and 76: Julius Peppers and Bobby Bell

Hall of Fame Candidate No. 19: Vic Harris

No. 78: Emlen Tunnell

Hall of Fame Candidate No. 20: Allie Reynolds

Week 9: As Good As It Gets

It's Hall of Fame Season!


Nos. 80 and 79: Raymond Berry and Larry Fitzgerald

World Series JWIB! Brave Heart

A Baseball 100 Update!

Week 8: A New Low

World Series JWIB! Bad Pitching Unmasked

World Series JWIB! A Thriller!

World Series JWIB! Power Outage

The World Series PosCast!

World Series JWIB! The Case for Altuve

World Series JWIB! It's Hammer Time

An Incredible Day

Week 7: The Importance of Being D'Ernest

Throwback Friday: Clemens' bat toss

Playoff JWIB! Chris Taylor and the Power of Three

PosCast: Yelling at Sepinwall

Playoff JWIB! The Myth of Momentum

Nos. 82 and 81: Darrelle Revis and Herb Adderley

Playoff JWIB! As Good As Ever

Playoff JWIB! My Time

Week 6: As Bad As It Gets

Playoff JWIB! Enough Already

Playoff JWIB! Reality Check

Live (on tape) from Cooperstown!

No. 83: Duke Slater

Playoff JWIB! The Joy of Freeman

Playoff JWIB! Less Is More

No. 84: Jack Youngblood

Week 5: The Lost Drive

Ted and Satchel

Playoff JWIB! Stealing Home

A Crossover Episode ... with Molly Knight!

Playoff JWIB! Taylor Made

High Five!

Nos. 86 and 85: Howie Long and Ted Hendricks

A Full Life

Playoff JWIB! Sending the Runner ...

Week 4: Winning Ugly

Nos. 88 and 87: Bobby Wagner and Willie Lanier

Conversation with Bill James

I don't even know what to say

Joe's Week In Baseball: Sept. 30

No. 89: Troy Aikman

What a Day

Week 3: Myles and Smiles

The Baseball 100 Tour

Nos. 91 and 90: Marvin Harrison and Terrell Owens

PosCast: The Announcement

JWIB Is Back!

Bob Costas on The Baseball 100

No. 92: Eric Dickerson

Perez, Power and Positivity

Week 2: Cleanup Time


No. 93: Steve Largent

Burnes Baby Burnes

Nos. 95 and 94: Willie Roaf and Joe Thomas

No. 96: Mel Blount

Week 1: Good News and Bad News

No. 97: Ozzie Newsome

A quick update on how it's going

Nos. 99 and 98: Troy Polamalu and Brian Dawkins

No. 100: Randall McDaniel

No. 101: Patrick Mahomes

Novak and Holding On

Jeter vs. Larkin

The Football 101

A Little Kid's Game

Welcome to Joe Blogs!

The PosCast: Emergencies!

Mom's Endorsement

No. 101: Turkey Stearnes

The Royal Streak

A new Baseball 100 offer!

The Field of Dreams PosCast

Field of Dreams

The Baseball 100 Offer


Emergency PosCast

PosCast: Athletes we'd like to be

Mary's Dress

Play the Football Countdown game

The new PosCast with Mike Schur!

Baseball 100 Preorder Special!

The Incredible Novak Djokovic

Time and Federer


The Greatest Set of Tennis Ever


Segments, Phil Mickelson & More Segments

A little personal news ...

The Willie Mays Hall of Fame (Redux)

John Means’ No-Hitter, Mike Trout Appreciation & Drafting Baseball Card Poses

Clemency for Quin

Baseball’s Surprises and Disappointments of 2021 with Ellen Adair

The Legend of Bo

Brooklyn Nets Fascination, MLB’s PosCast Player of the Week & Drafting Team Abbreviations

2021 MLB Season Preview

Legends, Myths & the Romance of Sports with Bob Costas

Bringing Back Segments & Drafting Rivers

Fun & Games with Flula Borg

Super Bowl ads are dead, Tom Brady is not a great athlete and the Dodgers are the new Yankees

Super Bowl Shenanigans, J. T. Realmuto’s Return to Philly & Cardinals’ Trade for Nolan Arenado

Hall of Fame Conundrum, NFL Playoffs & Best Places to Sit

Remembering Henry Aaron

The Browns are Terrific & Drafting Honorifics

MLB Teams in Search of an Identity & Browns’ COVID-19 Disaster Ahead of Playoffs