Aug 6, 2022 • 57M

A Few More Words Podcast is back!

Joe and Molly - and Mike Schur - talk Vin Scully and all sorts of baseball things

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Joe Posnanski talks with friends about sports, entertainment, life and anything else that comes to mind as part of his Joe Blogs Substack.
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Let me tell you what a trooper Molly Knight is. She has been deathly ill the last couple of weeks dealing with Covid. Like SUPER sick — can’t get out of bed sick.

But she texted me after Vin Scully passed away and said we HAD to do a podcast. So we recruited Mike Schur and talked a whole lot about Vin Scully … and the Dodgers … and the Juan Soto trade … and the sad existence of the Angels … and how much better peanut M&Ms are than regular M&Ms … and so much more!

Shortly after we did this, Molly had to check into a hospital for severe dehydration.

She’s much better now. But I gotta tell you, that’s the sort of Kellen Winslow commitment you get from Molly Knight. Sign up for her Substack, like, right now!