Hey Joe....

I have NO IDEA if this is the proper way to write you, but I had to tell you the best nickname for the Oakland A's is the Elephants (or Pachyderms, if you prefer. They could be called the "Pach").

I'm sure you have seen the Elephant patch they wear, but it seems very few people know the story behind it.

I'm doing this from memory, but here goes:

In ancient India, when the "king" wanted to ruin someone on the sly, he would give them a gift of a White Elephant.

It would cost so much to feed and house and care for the Elephant that it would bankrupt most people. But it was such an "honor" to receive the gift, that you couldn't refuse it.

Hence "white Elephant" came to mean a gift you did NOT want to receive. You MAY have heard of the Christmas time gift swap referred to as White Elephant for just this reason.

Anyway, AROUND 1912, the then-Philadelphia A's were set to face the... Giants, I think.... in the World Series. These were the A's of Eddie Collins, Stuffy McInnis, and Homerun Baker, collectively known as the $100,000 infield.

A member of the press asked the opposing manager (McGraw?) how he felt about having to go up against the formidable $100,000 Infield. McGraw said, "Oh those guys are nothing but a bunch of White Elephants. I wouldn't take em if you gave em to me. "

The A's were miffed and adopted a White Elephant of their own as a mascot, which they apparently paraded around the field before each game and they won the series.

They have worn the Elephant patch ever since and almost nobody knows why.

The Pach! You gotta love it.

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Feel better soon Molly!

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Is this supposed to show up in the Pozcast queue on Apple?

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It’s there now!

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The feeds are all mixed up and intertwined, I can't even find the Poscast on my player anymore (beyondpod) it just shows up as this one

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I agree with everything except the M&Ms conclusion.

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