this was really a fun podcast - big rule changes can be a topic for lots of humour as well as fury! you two were briefly trying to come up with a name for the batter(s) who get the most time violations - I have a suggestion: ‘wastrel’ ... someone who expends resources foolishly and self-indulgently - has a nice Dickens-like ring to it

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Ok but we don’t get as many opportunities to boo the opposing pitcher for throwing to 1st too much.

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Just listened to your most recent podcast with Mike and I loved your take on fans with most despair. I actually have something along those lines called a Frustration Index. It is simply (Years since their last championship plus half the years since their last finals appearance) times the number of teams for the fanbase, minus the number of championships won plus the number of teams that moved in the last 40 years. Top five in each of the Big Four:


1. Cleveland

2. Milwaukee

3. San Diego

4. Seattle

5. Pittsburgh


1. Atlanta

2. Denver

3. Washington

4. Portland

5. New York (yes, the Knicks)


1. Detroit

2. Minneapolis

3. New York Jets

4. Buffalo

5. Miami

(note: I don't count the previous Cleveland team with the current one, otherwise they would be #2)


1. Winnipeg

2. Toronto

3. Buffalo

4. Vancouver

5. New York Islanders

Overall Cities

1. Minneapolis-St. Paul

2. Buffalo

3. Ottawa

4. Phoenix

5. Charlotte

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