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I subscribed for a year just so I could point out these two EMERGENCIES:

1) Like Milwaukee has the sausage race, the Braves already have the tool race. Sponsored by Home Depot, they have four guys in big tool costumes running. One of the tools *is a HAMMER.* So they ALREADY have a guy running across the field in a Hammer outfit. Not sure how you missed this. Yet another reason they should easily lean into and become the Atlanta Hammers.

2) You may have to ban Ken Tremendous from the Poscast. Ken has to be the guy who said the Braves switched stadiums because not enough white people were going to the game. Ken is ill-informed. Turner Field was in the worst traffic bottleneck location, and it had no reasonable public transportation. It was well over a mile from the nearest MARTA train stop. Truist Park also has no public transportation, but it is not in a “wealthy white” neighborhood. Atlanta has thriving upper and middle class racially-integrated communities, and Truist Park is located in one of them. I would implore Ken to visit a game with me at The Battery and experience the scene. I think he’d be surprised.

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