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A Hall of Fame experiment

A Sportswriting Christmas Story

The Royals Celebration Tour

The Debut of Johnny Football

The Veteran's Committee and Bad Math

The Golden Era Ballot

A Little Bit Above Normal

Shakedown 1968

The 5% rule

Chess With Priest (Again)

Duels in the Sun

Heyward and Stanton

Hitting the Links

The PosCast Episode 9 -- Pie Fight

Talking Pitching and Defense

The Poscast Episode 10 -- Pie Fight

The AL Cy Young Vote

Fielding Bible and Gold Gloves

Sending Gordon

Vanguard after the revolution

Mad about Maddy

I’m Fine

Bullpens and luck

Blast from past: Dayton Moore

Analytics Guys and Heart Attacks

This is NBC’s SportsWorld

Going all the way back to 1977

Why do we Yostify ourselves?

Cadillacs in their dreams

Chemistry and magic

A Royals Toast

Bronx Fans Bid Captain farewell (for now)

Mr. November

Replaying the replay

Sumo Goalie Fail

Yo Joe! Jeter, Fun and Sumo Goalies

Yo Joe! Bowling, Jays, College Kicks

Yo Joe! Scouting Reports and LeBron

Poscast Episode 9 -- Lady Byng

The Poscast Episode 9 -- Lady Byng

Royal thought of the day

Yo Joe! Football and Rock ’n Roll WAR

Yo Joe! Unanimity, Stadium Names, Field Goals

Yo Joe! Baseball 100, Desserts, Goodell

Yo Joe! Getting to the heart

Yo Joe!

A Royal Pennant Race

Federer and Djokovic

Federer and time

ERA, FIP and Kershaw

Talking about the V in MVP (again)

Alex Gordon and the M-V-P chants

Blaming the fans

Money money money

The Greatest Tennis Player Ever

Tennis and life

Pop Up Video!

A JoeBlogs Update

The need – the need for speed

Empty Yesterday

Four theories about Hall of Fame voting changes

He chose ... poorly

Royally Avoiding Strikeouts

The Gomes Affair

Red Klotz

Tom Veryzer

The Boudreau Shift

Earth To Stomach

Rooting for Novak


American Tennis Blues

Thoughts on Diving and Golf

Ratings and pastimes

World Cup Tiebreaker Sudoku

The Springsteen Song Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame Game Poll

Hall of Fame Game

More Bonds Thoughts

New PosCast ... and a Barry Bonds thought

The Poscast Episode 8 -- Pure Hitters

A Few Links and a Wrigley Request

The Jim Kern Story Revisited

One Note

Chuck Noll

The Throw

Don Zimmer

Greatest thing ever


Walks and attendance and looking for reasons

Celebrating ... batting average?

Good on Kansas State

Hot goalies and tough love

Let her go

Notes on a waiter spilling stuff on me

A Football Man in a Baseball World

The Pitching Tango

Michael Phelps and endings

No runs, no hits, no action

If you watch it ...

The Jim Kern Story

The IWRS Leaderboard

Amazing home run starts

Knowing Arky

The Biogenesis Sudoku Game

Ron Washington tries to break IWRS

The Royals still aren't hitting home runs

Papi's Popup and Yu's No No

Haslam and Hope and Homelessness

The Intentional Walk Rage System

The Poscast Episode 7 -- Penalties

The Poscast Episode 7 -- Penalties


Managers and full-time starters

The Real Villain of "A Few Good Men"

A Showalter Story

Derby and stuff

The Unlucky Career of Greg Oden

Writing about heroes

The Timeless Game

The Sportswriting Magicians

The Obviousness Factor

A short story about rock and roll

The Iceman

The Royals: A history of power

The PosCast Episode 6 -- Superheroes

The PosCast Episode 6 -- Superheroes

Homerless Streaks

It's not THAT good to be the king

Value to the labor

Catfish, Kitty and the power of timing

The Annual 'Royals Will Win' Column

Links! Links! Links!

At WAR with Pedro

The Worst Pitcher in the Hall

Cleveland Spiders?

Sockalexis Addendum

Cleveland Indians: The name

Golden Balls Revisited

Joe Vault

The Poscast Episode 5 - Numbers Game

Tennis Lions In Winter

The Poscast Episode 5 - Numbers Game

Being Ivan Lendl

The Dutch Leonard Affair

Gary Nolan Surgery

Your best day

Dealin' With Idiots

Top 50 Contest (w/update)

Oscar Predictions 2014 (with update)

Shrink the plate? What?

Me and Maddux

Browns Being Browns


No. ??: Alan Trammell

Ralph Kiner

Forever Young

Bruce Song Hall Of Fame

A Quick Parity Check

The Legacy of Manning

Parenthetical Song Titles

Playing Through Pain

Emily Scott


The extra point is up

No. 57: Roy Hobbs


The Poscast Ep. 4 - Abstraction

The Poscast Ep. 4 - Abstraction

Tecmo Super Bowl

The 60 Minutes Report

A Hall of Fame Idea

A Rose By Any Other Name

Hall of Fame Recap

Does Alan Trammell equal Out In The Street?

A few birthday thoughts

Let's Get To the Voting

A Statement ... About What Again?

Jerry Coleman

You don't have to be lonely

The Massive Hall of Fame Post

The First Goal: Revisited

Hall of Fame Ballot: The Minor Characters