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The Ballot: Garcia and Garland

The Ballot: Bonds and Clemens

The Ballot: Lance Berkman

Dottie and the Dropped Ball

A League of Their Own and Joy

The Ballot: Jason Bay

The Ballot: Rick Ankiel

The Race to 400 Begins

The Race to 400

The Veterans Committee

PosCast Draft: 2nd Annual Holiday Blowout

The Baines Vote

Today’s Game: George Steinbrenner

Today's Game: Lee Smith

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Today’s Game: Joe Carter

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Today's Game: Harold Baines

Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Baseball 85: Ivan Rodriguez

Bonus PosCast: The Great Fruit Debate Continues

The HP Diet: Finale(?)

Baseball 86: Ryne Sandberg

The Great Debate

PosCast: Condoleezza Rice & Charity T-Shirts

Baseball 87: Mike Mussina

Patreon and WordPress

The Amazing Stan Lee

Tragedy or Triumph?

Baseball 88: Carlos Beltran

World Series Rewind on The PosCast

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The Baseball Exploration Survey

Baseball 89: Willie McCovey

The Baseball Exploration

Halloween Candy!

Baseball 90: Johnny Mize

The Infuriating Prediction

World Series PosCast!

World Series Preview: Dodgers vs Red Sox

Baseball 91: Shoeless Joe Jackson


Statcast Broadcast

I'll Stand With You

The Clayton Conundrum

Baseball 92: Justin Verlander

PosCast, New Tiers, Fun!

An Extended Yankee Minute with Brandon McCarthy

Farewell, Wahoo

Call to the Pen

Baseball 93: Allou Trammaker

I Loved You, Don Mattingly

Reinventing the Chain Gang Wheel for the NFL

The HP Diet, Week 6: Blackout

Baseball 95: Dazzy Vance

The Real Problem With Baseball

Ben Dilday's Poz100

Baseball 96


Shadowball 97: Herb Score

PosCast Draft: Baseball Positions

The HP Diet, Week 5: The Scale

U.S. Openness

Baseball 97: Johan Santana

Shadowball 90: Luke Easter

Hamilton (Vol. 2)

Swimming in Socks (Vol. 2)

Katie the Prefect (Vol. 2)

Baseball 98: Carlton Fisk

Shadowball 99: Cap Anson and Fleet Walker

The HP Diet, Week 4: Chocolate

PosCast Draft: US States with Actor Nick Offerman

1914: The End of the Intentional Walk (Almost)

Is Patreon Fixed? (Take 2)

Baseball 99: Charlie Gehringer

The power of one

A break for these messages ...

Shadowball 100: Duane Kuiper

The HP Diet, Week 3: Breakfast

Patreon Troubles

Patreon Issues

Our daughter the cheerleader

Baseball 100: Zack Greinke

Eighth Grade

Baseball 100 Rules

PosCast Draft: Small World Improvements

Membership Update II

The HP Diet, Week 2: Diet Coke

Three Buck stories

The mystique of 1934 (and why I don't buy it)

Popular! You're gonna be popular!

The Shadowball 100

The Harry Potter Diet

Membership update

Hitting streaks (Patreon begins!)

The Baseball 100 and a new day

Opening Lines

The Biggest Man in Racin'

PosCast Draft: Best Minor Television Characters with Alan Sepinwall

Intentional walks are not strategy

Passions with A.J. Jacobs

BB stands for Barry Bonds

The Soul of Buck O'Neil

Passions in America Podcast!

PosCast Draft: Make the All-Star Game Better

The Novak Principle

Here comes da Judge

Back from Vacation

A little blog Q&A

Baseball 100 (?)

Mickelson and Rule 1-2

The Promise

Poker and the Tooth Fairy


Taking Betts

Modern Romonce

Adjustments and Didi

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Bunting against the shift

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The Legend of Ken Brett

The Run Differential Breakdown

The Greatest Game

Tiger and Browns

PosCast: Jim Duquette

PosCast Draft: The Good Place Characters with Mallory Rubin

PosCast Draft: MLB Storylines with Cespedes Family BBQ

PosCast: Jonathan Abrams

Passions in America

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A Baseball Story


An Announcement

PosCast: Jason Kander

You are the captain

PosCast: Hall of Fame 2018

PosCast Draft: Office Supplies "I Have No Use For Masking Tape"

The Browns and Garoppolo

PosCast: Listener Questions

The Hall of Fame Ballot

The Unwinnables