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I’m Freaking Out a Little

My Baseball Free-Agent Predictions

Brown Diary, Week 12: On the Run

Free Friday: A Hall of Fame Special

Giving Thanks

WAR, Win Shares and the Hall of Fame

Browns Diary, Week 11: The Steeler Way

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The 2023 Baseball Awards: All for One?

Browns Diary, Week 10: The Real Deal

Friday Rewind: Jason Benetti's New Frontier

It's Incredibly Hard

What Makes a Manager?

Browns Diary, Week 9: Never a Doubt

Gold Glovers, Then and Now

Friday Rewind: Farewell to the General

Road Warriors

Is It Time for a Change?

Close Just Isn't Good Enough Anymore

Browns Diary, Week 8: The Joy of Second-Guessing

Arizona’s Own

Center Stage

Friday Rewind: Deep in the Heart of Texas

The Wonder of Wemby, and Other Thoughts on a Plane

The Ecstasy and the Agony

Winner Take All

Browns Diary, Week 7: Bad Blood

All or Nothing

A Magical Baseball Day

Friday Rewind: Snakes Alive

Same Old Train

These Are the Days, Philadelphia

It's Getting Late Early

All That Matters Is Now

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Today’s Epic Hero

Adiós to the Orioles

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The Endgame

Thoughts from a Huge Weekend

It's October 6 ... and I'm thinking about Buck

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Second Verse, Same As the First

The Art of Luck

Playoffs? Yes! Playoffs!

Browns Diary, Week 4: A Test of Character

Playoff Time: Indomitable Astros Win Again

Pennant Racin', Oct. 1

Pennant Racin', Sept. 30

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Pennant Racin', Sept. 26

Browns Diary, Week 3: The Big Unit

Pennant Racin', Sept. 25

Must-Win Update, Sept. 24

Must-Win Update, Sept. 23

Friday Rewind: A Steep Climb

Is This Anything (Sports Edition)?

Who Really Deserves to Win the Cy Young Award?


Browns Diary, Week 2: Home Again

Shohei's Spectacular Season, and Everything Else Going On in Baseball Right Now

Baseball's Goal: To Go Home!

Friday Rewind: Up in the Air

All Hail Nolan Jones, and Is Brian Snitker Headed to the Hall of Fame?

Wainwright Gets No. 199


No. 24 and No. 1

The Cleveland Browns Diary Is Back!

Highlights of a Magical Week

Friday Rewind: Thank You for Two Wonderful, Amazing Years

Who Are Baseball's Core Hall of Famers?

The All-Big Team

Five Underrated Pitchers in My Lifetime

A Brilliant Reader Challenge, Every Day?!

OK, Did You See that Acuña Homer?

Friday Rewind: Two Heavyweights, Trading Punches

Breaking Down the Epic NL MVP Race—and a Book Update!

Let's Check In on the Playoff Races

Introducing: The Willie Stargell Award

Revisiting My 23 Predictions for 2023...

Friday Rewind: Reality Bites

The White Sox Shakeup, Every Team’s Biggest Free Agent and More

Guest Post: The Mystery of Bo and Deion

The Readers Have Spoken: Five More Players Who Have Been Scorching Hot


Five Players Who Have Been Scorching Hot Since July 1

Djokovic Handled the Heat

Friday Rewind: Red-Hot Dodgers, Red-Hot Julio and More

Brilliant Reader Challenge: Size Matters

The Greatest Game Ever Played Behind Barbed Wire

Is This Braves Lineup the Best Ever?

The Rangers Are For Real

Those Damn Yankees (and a Few More Words About the Book)

Friday Rewind: Big Book News, Padre Problems and More

Brilliant Reader Challenge: The Case for Zack Greinke

Here Are a Few Surprising Seasons You May Have Missed

Another Owner Who Can’t Get Out of His Own Way

A Few Book Updates—and a Deal You Won't Want to Miss

Friday Rewind: The Hunt for the Hall

Brilliant Reader Challenge: The 10 Worst Nicknames in Professional Sports

MLB Trade Deadline Talk, Part II

MLB Trade Deadline Talk, Part I

A Brief History of the Walk

Friday Rewind: Ohtani Keeps Rewriting History

Talking Trade Deadline... and Immaculate Grid!

What If We Didn't Have the A's and Royals to Kick Around This Year?

Brian Harman Made Things Uninteresting

Friday Rewind: Flying High

Book Tour

Brilliant Reader Challenge: Hall of Fame Misses and Mistakes

The State of Baseball (Trade Deadline Edition)

100 Years of Hall of Famers (and Snubs), Part II

100 Years of Hall of Famers (and Snubs), Part I

The Future of Tennis Is Now

Friday Rewind: WAR, What Is It Good For?

The Wackiest Brilliant Reader Challenge Yet

Going Deep on the Home Run Derby

Talkin' (A Whole Lotta) Baseball


Friday Rewind: Big Book News!

Your Midseason National League Update

Your Midseason American League Update

The Legend of Hurricane Hazle

What a Month!

Friday Rewind: A Royal Dilemma

That Less-Than-Perfect Feeling

Ohtani Is Writing His Own Story

Some Quick Tuesday Thoughts

Meet the Mets! Greet the Mets!

Bonus: I Can't Stop Thinking About the Reds

Friday Rewind: The Luis Arráez Watch is On!

Brilliant Reader Challenges: Dogs, Journeymen, Dumb Lyrics and More

Well, Let's Try This Thing ...

The Case for Joey Votto

Let's Take Another Trip Around the Sports World

Friday Rewind: Manfred Is Not the Man

Brilliant Reader Challenges: "Simpsons" Redux, Browns Quarterback Rankings and More

Father's Day Fun!

Novak and Number 23!

Friday Rewind: One Week to Father's Day!

Alcaraz v. Novak

Around the Sports World in One Column

Brilliant Reader Challenges: All-Star Snubs, Worst Movie Characters and More

JoeBlogs Hall of Fame: The Fifth Class

Letting It Fly

Friday Rewind: Pomp and Circumstance

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Going Deep on the Eephus Pitch

Wrapping Up “Succession,” and Ranking the Characters

The PosCast Newsletter!

Friday Rewind: Limbering Up

A Different Time, a Different Destiny

Our Brilliant Readers Have Thrown Down the Gauntlet

'You Can’t Know What’s Happening in a Man’s Heart'

A Complicated Man

Block Party

Friday Rewind: This Too Shall Pass

How Two Magicians Solved Baseball's Unsolvable Problem

The New York Mess

Brilliant Reader Challenge: The Alternate Universe Team

An Indelible Image

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Friday Rewind: Golden Nugget

Joe and Molly talk the first month ...

Shaking Off the Speedball

Blue Monday

Friday Rewind: The Mighty Have Fallen

The Wander Flip, LeBron vs. Steph, and More Thursday Thoughts

JoeBlogs Hall of Fame: The Fourth Class

Looking Back, Track by Track

RIP Mike Shannon, and Some More Baseball Thoughts

Friday Rewind: Six Degrees of Dick Groat

Born This Day

April Madness: Twinning

April Madness: Avast, Ye Matey

Friday Rewind: So Far Soto's Just So-So

The Sad Ballad of the Oakland A's

Counting with Kershaw

Some Thoughts on Pitch Counts

April Madness: Is Less Really More?

April Madness: Where Have You Gone, Bobby Shmagoola?

April Madness: Judgment Day

April Madness: Grapes of Wrath

April Madness: Setting the Record Straight

On Jon Rahm: The Secret Is Out

April Madness: We'll Never Be Royals

April Madness: Friday Fun with Statcast™

April Madness: Paging Glenn Strider

April Madness: Maxed Out

Woo hoo! Top of the list! Head of the heap!

April Madness: Hope I Can Help the Ballclub

April Madness: Opening Weekend

Opening Day Takeaways!

Getting You Ready for Opening Day

23 Predictions for the '23 Season

The Umpire Strikes Back

No Retreat, Baby

Markquis Nowell and the Magic of March

Your Statistical Questions, Answered

A Perfect Ending

This WBC Is a Classic

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JoeBlogs Hall of Fame: The Third Class

The Best—and the Worst—of the WBC

The Legend of Firpo Marberry

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The Funnest Players in Baseball Right Now!

Why We Love Baseball

My Favorite Advanced Stats (and Why I Like Them)

Fun Players Right Now: Nos. 15-6

Golf's Villain Problem

Fun Players Right Now: Nos. 25-16

Joe and Molly talking Rule Changes

Baseball and Time


Book Cover Reveal! Plus Preorder Offer!

The Weirdest Award Winners Ever

Funs Created Prospects!

JoeBlogs Hall of Fame: The Second Class

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Four Cards

.300 Ain't What It Used To Be

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Tim McCarver and the Beauty of Baseball

JoeBlogs Hall of Fame: The First Class

Running Down the Rule Changes

The Indomitable Patrick Mahomes

Football 101: No. 1, Jerry Rice

Football 101: No. 2, Jim Brown

Football 101: No. 3, Tom Brady

LeBron Stands Alone

The JoeBlogs Hall of Fame Criteria

Football 101: No. 4, Reggie White

The JoeBlogs Hall of Fame

Allen & Ginter & Joy

Zack Greinke and Baseball Lifers

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Is Novak Better Than Ever?

Billy Packer

Football 101: No. 5, Peyton Manning

Football 101: No. 6, Lawrence Taylor

The Jeff Kent Backlash

Scott Rolen and the New Hall of Fame

A Hall of Fame Thread

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I Finished Why We Love Baseball!

I Got a Cory Snyder Rookie Card!

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Football 101: No. 8, Sammy Baugh

Baseball's Most Underrated Players Ever

Hall of Fame Season Rolls On

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